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Bob o
Re: Damn, what's this?
Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:30am

That is disappointing. Wonder why? I noticed some actors and actresses were trashed viciously by some. Maybe that was it. The trivia section is bothersome to me as some pages have bogus info such as Lee's page with the two eye color claim.

  • Damn, what's this?Ioana, Fri Mar 24 12:33pm
    How it's possible? There was so many interesting articles, on my laptop I still have some. ❤ Hey, dudes? What do you want to do with our Lee? Now it would be "amazing" if LVC page would... more
    • Re: Damn, what's this? — Bob o, Sat Mar 25 6:30am
      • Haven't investigated yet, bobO...DCG, Sat Mar 25 4:07pm
        ...but my suspicion is that they just bumped it up to a Subscription Perk. Will try to find some time to check this out RSN...unless someone else beats me to it. ;P Best, DCG.
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