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RIP, Alessandro Alessandroni
Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:20am

March is ending on some really sad notes --- first, Tomás, and now, Alessandro.

Thanks, Tom B, for the info...

    • Alessandro Alessandroni's magicDCG, Mon Mar 27 10:38pm
      For a Few Dollars More Morricone tribute by AA (Just a coupla... more
      • Thanks DCG :-)Doc , Tue Mar 28 9:22pm
        It's confirmed. I will never again whistle in public, lol. The second number by Alessandroni is Cheyenne's Theme from Once Upon A Time In The West. It differs from the standard SW fare and aptly... more
        • 6 degrees of HarmonicaDCG, Tue Mar 28 10:06pm
          I couldn't help go all Lateral Thinking Theatre on ya, Doc: Alessandro's whistling (via "Cheyenne's Theme") in OUTW, to Bronson's "Harmonica" role therein, and thus to Van Cleef's first film role in... more
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