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Thanks, Aaron
Mon May 8, 2017 10:46am

Celebrating your five year anniversary giving us your wonderful work! I have enjoyed all you have shared with us--the photos, articles, commentary. Your devotion to LVC is incomparable. Looking forward to another five years. Many, many thanks.

    • LVC...Theokie, Fri May 12 8:52am
      I echo the thanks for this site, Aaron. I first saw LVC in the mid Fifties in 'High Noon' and I have followed him ever since. The generation that only knows him from his later films should check him... more
      • Well, trim my chin...DCG, Sat May 13 1:18am' call me hairless!! ;P I can't find an email for ya, amigo... Drop me a note via mine, above, an' let's carry on, eh? Bestest, DCG.
      • Well said, all...DCG, Sat May 13 12:43am
        ...and great to see you Post, T-O! We're due for an email or two, eh? ;) Aaron, I've said it several times privately, but I'm very happy to repeat it publicly: THANK YOU for all your Hard Work on... more
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