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Powers Boothe, RIP
Sun May 14, 2017 9:23pm

While never working with LVC, Powers Boothe had The Heavy down pat -- even if he wasn't (strictly speaking) "playing" that role.

He was on my To Interview List, but since he didn't work with Lee, I had pushed him down the Priority status.

Mea culpa, PB.

Sixty-Eight is "young" these days, so I was both surprised and doubly saddened at our loss...

RIP, sir!

    • Re: Powers Boothe, RIPBritzen, Mon May 15 7:26pm
      Hasn't been a good week, Michael Parks also passed on aged 77 the other day. Most notably of late he was in many Quentin Tarantino films, but had a career spanning decades. I personally considered... more
      • Agree, Britzen & Doc: Michael Parks'...DCG, Thu May 18 7:05pm
        ...passing was something I *almost* mentioned, but then Powers Boothe died right after, and I got distracted. ;s And Parks has a sort of 2 Degrees separation from LVC, if one is willing to consider... more
        • Michael Parks/LVCAnonymous, Thu May 18 7:15pm
          I did a quick skim of Park's credits, as I knew he was in at least one episode of Gunsmoke and some other serials in the early 60's. I was hoping there would be some crossover with LVC. I didn't... more
          • Pretty sure you're right, Britz...DCG, Fri May 19 9:25pm
   I gave Park's IMDB creds a good once-over, too, earlier. But the "Six Degrees" game doesn't require *1st* degrees, eh? ;) GUNSMOKE alone would make Michael Parks wot, 2 degrees? 3? It's been... more
            • If I recall the rules correctly ...Doc, Sat May 20 10:33pm
              Park--Arness--LVC, so two degrees (you count the hyphens ;-) )
              • Yeah, I think that's right, Doc...DCG, Sat May 20 11:52pm
                ...iirc, too. ;) "Count the hyphens" = # of Degrees. Also, I'm re-watching TWIN PEAKS after all these years (still one of my All-Time Fave Shows...stuck with me vividly all this time, so have only... more
      • Michael ParksDoc, Tue May 16 9:18am
        I regret that I only knew him from his work in Kill Bill 2. Not only that... I had to actually be told that he played two parts. And he played them well. Great versatility. Wasn't all that familiar... more
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