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Roger Moore sadly passed away, aged 89
Tue May 23, 2017 7:02am

On the off chance that their paths ever crossed I did a Roger Moore LVC search and lo and behold! there are interesting hits I never was aware of: For one thing Kansas City Confidential popped up, but that seems to be due to sloppy linking, seems to have been another Roger Moore. But there was the Red Dog episode of Maverick (1961) where they actually shared the screen. I have never seen the episode though. And according to Lee was among those considered to play Zorin, the local baddie in the 007 movie A View to a Kill, though Christopher Walken eventually did have the pleasure. Well, just among us, I suppose Lee would have been a great choice, though I never did watch this one, either.

And then there quite miraculously was this:

    • Thanks Maggs ;-)Doc, Tue May 23 9:32pm
      Great post! Sir Roger looks so young there. I'm not sure I would have recognized him. So awesome to learn that his Mom was a big LVC fan. She had great taste, didn't she? R.I.P. to a great actor.... more
    • Yeah, RIP, Sir Roger...DCG, Tue May 23 12:53pm
      ...heard this on the BBC in the wee-hours this morning. Read the anecdote from his autobio years-n-years ago, but didn't know Bill had posted it on his SW blog a few months back. Mea culpa -- don't... more
    • Great stuffCuffs, Tue May 23 12:27pm
      Thanks for your post, Maggie. Really enjoyed the information. I always liked Moore--a perfect English gentleman. I also agree Lee would have made an excellent villian in any of the Bond films. Lee... more
      • I absolutely agree...Maggie, Tue May 23 1:07pm
        And isn't it a quaint idea to imagine the old lady all starry-eyed on the day? I'd really have loved to be the fly on the wall on the occasion...
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