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Lee Van Cleef - New Film Documentary.
Sat May 27, 2017 8:16am

Hello to all @TheBadNet,

Firsty may I say this is a fantastic hub for all related information in regards to LVC and beyond.
Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Geoffrey I am a semi professional documentary film maker based in London England, Mr LVC has for some years been a hero of mine as I'm sure he is to many people from around the world , his life, talent and personality have long been admired by millions of fans.

With that as a fact, it is to my absolute amazement that to this day there has never been a full length  film documentary dedicated to LVC life.
The life and work of LVC has of course been long discussed within many spaghetti western film documentaries, books  and written acticles, and LVC career has naturally been commited upon by his many admires within the film industry including, actors, directors and fans. But hethertoo there has never been a dedicated film tribute to Mr LVC.

I intend to rectify that rather neglected and shameful fact as soon as possible with this my current proposed documentary film project.

I am therefore seeking help to make contact with either : family, actors, friends, people who have had contact with or a professional relationship with Mr LVC.
Ideas, suggestions are most helpful.

I await all responses, once again thank you for any input.


    • BravoCuffs, Fri Jun 2 9:34am
      What wonderful news! I wish you all success & hope you keep us current as to your progress. I do agree that this should have been done a long time ago. Perhaps LVC is more popular today than in the... more
      • Lee Van Cleef - New Film DocumentaryFilmDocGeoff, Fri Jun 2 11:11am
        Thank you so much "Cuffs" for your positivity and encouragement it's most welcome, this project is a labour of love as I will be funding this venture by myself. Which is by the way, by choice as I... more
    • Nice to meet you, Geoff. These are good news for me. I'm glad to hear that you are a fan of LVC and you enjoyed here with us. 😊 First, let me tell you something. I don't know if this will... more
      • Lee Van Cleef New Film DocumentaryFilmDocGeoff, Thu Jun 1 4:45am
        Hello Loans Thank you so much for your beautiful and welcoming words, And also thank you for the suggestion in regards to a possible contact in respects to Mr LVC. I shall research this further. I... more
        • Ioana with "i", not with "L" :))Ioana, Thu Jun 1 7:35am
          You're welcome dear, always for new members and not only. No problem, all the members of this blog spelled incorrect my name at the beginning. I know, it's hard to write and pronounce for English... more
          • Actually, Ioana, I suspect...DCG, Thu Jun 1 10:46am
   many of us (myself included) misspell your name at first, is that the font used here is sans serif -- that is, without small finishing strokes to the letters. And since some members/visitors... more
            • Totally agree, DCGDoc, Thu Jun 1 10:59pm
              Exactly. lower case l (el) vs upper case I (eye). They're exactly the same! And some times the numeral 1 joins the party, though admittedly not in this particular font. I also have trouble sometimes... more
              • Thx, Cod! ;) (nm)DCG, Sat Jun 3 12:39am
              • In other case, DCG and Doc...Ioana, Fri Jun 2 3:35am
       members who come here can call me Joan, because this is the translation for "Ioana" in our language here, English. 😊 But anyway, I got used with misspellings as "Loana" or "Iona".... more
        • LVC new Documentary.FilmDocGeoff, Thu Jun 1 4:48am
          Sorry, Loana. My spelling error. Geoff.
    • That's wonderful!!Doc, Sun May 28 7:26am
      The names to watch out for are BobO, DCG, and Aaron, three passionate and knowledgable contributors here at TheBadNet. (In the past I've referred to them as the "Holy Trinity of LVC Fandom", lol.)... more
      • LVC New film Documentary.FilmDocGeoff, Sun May 28 12:29pm
        Hello Doc Thank you so for your recommendations, they are much appreciated, and for your encouragement and interest in this much needed spot light documentary to a very deserving 20th Century film... more
    • That's great, Geoff....DCG, Sat May 27 11:40pm on "DCG" above to send me a note, and we'll talk further. I've been researching Lee Van Cleef for almost 20 years, and would be happy to discuss your project (a film/video Bio of LVC is an... more
      • New LVC Film DocumentaryFilmDocGeoff, Sun May 28 12:40pm
        Hello DCG Thank you so much for your prompt response in regards to this project. I am sure your involvement will greatly enhance the forthcoming documentary. We will Speak personally soon.
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