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Bob O
Lukas Ammann 1912-2017
Tue May 30, 2017 5:42pm

Noticed just now on the web that Lukas Ammann died in Germany May 3rd. He was born in 1912 in Switzerland and died May 3rd at age 104!! Said he was an active actor for over 70 years and last worked when he was 101. He had a good size role in Day of Anger with Lee and shot in 1967 in Spain with interiors shot in Rome. N

    • RIP, Lukas Ammann! 😯Ioana, Wed May 31 1:07pm
      If you can tell me which role he had in DOA with Lee, I think I could recognize him, dear Bob O. But all my good thoughts for him! 104 years? It's a great age! Unfortunately, people these days don't... more
      • Lukas Ammann 1912-2017 Crazy CowgirlBob O , Wed May 31 2:53pm
        Lukas Ammann played Judge Cutchell in Day of Anger. That film was an Italian, Spanish and German co-production and there were several German actors and actresses in the cast. It's one of your... more
        • Exactly.Ioana, Thu Jun 1 1:27am
          I used the name of the town, Clifton, in my book series. Of course Lee is an important character, together with me, my best friend, Clint Eastwood and a character from a video game. All the action is ... more
          • CliftonBob O , Thu Jun 1 7:12pm
            Yes you stirred up my curiosity. I once lived in a town which called Clifton Forge. Small town but lots of fun people.
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