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Bob O
Last Stagecoach West
Fri Jun 9, 2017 9:27pm

I was planning to report the 1957 western film Last Stagecoach West was on You Tube. Someone told me they watched it recently on You Tube but when I went there today, it had been removed by Netflix. The lady making the announcement invites you to go to Netflix for a wide variety of titles. This is one of Lee's largest roles in a feature film from the 1950s. At least 168 people got to see it before it was removed.

    • The beginningBob O, Sat Jun 10 7:43am
      The beginning ( opening credits) are on YouTube plus 5 minutes of the film. You see Lee and hear him deliver a few lines. I have the film on VHS but it won't play anymore. Years ago I made a dub... more
      • I can send LSW to you, bobO...DCG, Sat Jun 10 11:11am
        ...on DVD, if your DVD player still works? (Or, if not, does your computer have a DVD drive?) Kinda Returning the Favor, as it were. ;) In fact, I think I've got a couple other DVD's that might... more
        • ThanksBob O, Sun Jun 11 6:57pm
          I've moved but I still have the same phone number if you still have it. Yes I would like to have a clean copy of LSW. Lee has a lot of screen time with a big part. Probably more screen time than... more
          • I've got a ph#, bobO...DCG, Sun Jun 11 9:50pm
            ...does it end in "77"...?? If so, we're good. But it's gonna be a week-plus before I'll get to this, as noted in prior msg. Remind me again after Monday the 19th -- either here or via email, eh? ;P... more
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