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Stuntmen & Stuntwomen
Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:40pm

Near's I've found, there is not currently a physical Stuntmen (and -women) Hall of Fame...

But veteran stuntman John Hagner has spearheading just such a project, since the 1970s:

Looks like, as with stuntpeople themselves, the Hall of Fame gets little respect --- and is in need of proper financial backing: it's had several locations over the years, none permanent.

Ah, well....FYI, Doc.

Oh, and I was just passing along Mark E's work: he gets all the cred! ;)

  • A lovely tribute-postDoc, Tue Jun 27 9:04am
    Again, you have provided us with a wonderful account of stuntmen in general, and Loren James in particular. What an impressive career Mr. James had. I love the part where he says that stuntmen have... more
    • Stuntmen & Stuntwomen — DCG, Tue Jun 27 12:40pm
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