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I've missed you, pals ❤️
Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:05pm

How are you? I hope you're ok.

I changed my old Android phone into an iPhone, and for me it's very hard now.
I got used with that phone. I managed to take a Little part of my colection of LVC photos, and fortunately my all songs, which are very precious to me, because are Western, Country, and of course, LVC songs.

That big clock on the lock screen don't leave me to put a wonderful grid of LVC. No! And I can't get rid of it. And yes, I can't do some videos for my YouTube channel! Only on Android!

But the biggest problem īs that I feel that this iPhone take my all free time which I can spend with my cowboy and my books. I don't know what I could do. I thought that would be so good to talk to you now, because you are the only ones who can help me with some good words and advices. I admit that I almost forgot about this blog and all of you and I'm sorry. I hope that you will always be here with me. I missed you so much and I stil miss Lee... I hope that him remained with me, even in these hard and bad sittuations, in which I couldn't escape without him.

Even if I dreamt these days a super little bit about him.

So, what do you think? I can escape from this complicated sittuation?

I don't know if something can calm me down right now.
xoxo 💕

    • Re: I've missed you, pals ❤️britzen, Sun Jul 2 1:27pm
      One of the perks of living deep in the woods is that there is no phone service. No phone service, no phones, no problem!😂
    • It's called ADHD (nm)Anonymous, Sat Jul 1 6:13pm
    • Dear Ioana ...Doc, Sat Jul 1 9:24am
      We have missed you too. I cannot help with your phone situation. I also have an iPhone and I am hardly familiar with it. It is not the phone's fault in my case. I am not that knowledgable or... more
      • iPhone = hard to useIoana, Tue Jul 4 3:22pm
        Hey Doc! I think I will sell this iPhone, if I don't manage to get used with it until my birthday. The Android it's easier to use than iPhone. iPhone it's just for popularity, beauty, and elegance. I ... more
    • Sorry you had to change phonesBob O, Sat Jul 1 7:29am
      Perhaps you can travel to the place were you got the new phone and they can show you how to operate it and do the things you once did. When I got my Android I didn't know how to answer a call. I kept ... more
      • Hello my friend!Ioana, Tue Jul 4 3:13pm
        I know perfectly what you say! I was like you when my father bought me my first Android. Unfortunately it was "second hand" and really damaged. I needed to get it at service for 3 times! But that's... more
      • Good you checked inMaggie, Sat Jul 1 9:45am
        and good to know that you are fine, phone troubles aside. I can't solve those for you though I am afraid, I still remember the times when phones had dials and no lives of their own....
        • Hi Maggie ❤Ioana, Tue Jul 4 3:06pm
          No problem dear. Thank you anyway for your message. I appreciate. Yes, phones are phones, but you only must get used with them. But I think that sometimes you can't use them. Just some phones, not... more
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