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iPhone = hard to use
Tue Jul 4, 2017 3:22pm

Hey Doc!

I think I will sell this iPhone, if I don't manage to get used with it until my birthday. The Android it's easier to use than iPhone. iPhone it's just for popularity, beauty, and elegance. I don't need it anymore. I need to continue my career, on Tumblr, YouTube and here with you on blog.

I'm right?

I will buy a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. It's much better. When I hold a Samsung in my hand I feel that I'm home. With all: photos, GIFs, videos, LVC, and more!

Many thanks for your sweet message!
xoxo 💕

  • Dear Ioana ...Doc, Sat Jul 1 9:24am
    We have missed you too. I cannot help with your phone situation. I also have an iPhone and I am hardly familiar with it. It is not the phone's fault in my case. I am not that knowledgable or... more
    • iPhone = hard to use — Ioana, Tue Jul 4 3:22pm
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