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LVC co-star Skip Homeier (1930-2017
Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:51pm

George Vincent “Skip” Homeier just passed on June 25th. The Hollywood Reporter claims spinal myeopothy (degeneration of the spine, most often age-related) as the cause of death.

He co-starred with Lee Van Cleef in the "Ranown" Randolph Scott vehicle, TEN WANTED MEN (55), ROAD TO DENVER (also 55), and DAWN AT SOCORRO (54) and even, like Lee, had his own one-season TV series, "Dan Raven" (60).

Altho Homeier will most likely be best remembered for his two STAR TREK roles: the Nazi henchman Melakon, in "Patterns of Force", and especially for the Dr. Sevrin in "The Way to Eden" -- the latter if for no other reason than the Makeup Dept played the "Let's Out-Do Spock's Ears" game with Sevrin. Looks like someone sliced a human kidney in half and stuck 'em on poor Skip, Insides-Out.

Speaking of "poor Skip", I made an effort to interview him about 8 years back. His wife told me interviews upset him because he couldn't remember much. I suspect now that his physical condition likely contributed to her refusal -- spinal myeopothy must make breathing (and therefore speaking) painful and difficult, to say the least.

RIP, Skip. At least you're free from the pain, now.

    • SkipBob O, Thu Jul 13 11:10am
      I remember reading about 1992 Skip quit acting in 1982 and in the 50's and 60's due to his good looks, had a sizeable female following. So they wanted to catch up with Skip for his fans and reported... more
      • That's right, bobO...DCG, Fri Jul 14 9:40am
        ...your comment sparked a more clear memory of my brief conversation with Skip's wife: I remember after I introduced myself and my purpose for calling, Della let out a big sigh, then said "he doesn't ... more
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