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Might be a good idea...
Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:22pm

...whenever you post about a "new video", to provide the LINK for people -- you'll get a LOT more folx checkin' it out if you give 'em the Link, than if you don't. ;)

(Btw, went to your CrazyCowgirl.25 channel, below, and didn't find anything "new" in the last 3 months -- did you put it somewhere else??)

That includes potential "searchers" landing here for the first time...I guarantee those folks won't bother to dig thru prior posts to find your GooToob channel to view the vid. ;P

Anyway, look FW to seeing it, m'dear --- keep on keepin' on!

  • Good things are coming to me...Ioana, Mon Jul 17 1:58pm
    ...because I managed to make and post a new video from this iPhone! Yay!❤️ But it was really hard. I'm super glad, so check my YT channel and compare... Who is the best? Android or... more
    • Very nice cowgirl. Bob O, Mon Jul 24 12:02pm
      Take a Hard Ride has two actors in small parts who were leading men in dozens of films in the 1940s and 50s. Barry Sullivan and Dana Andrews. Dana Andrews is in The Best Years of Our Lives which... more
      • Thanks to all of you, my friends! ❤️Ioana, Mon Jul 24 11:12pm
        Your wonderful words make me very happy because I am an YouTuber and I must be proud of that. I hope to make a new video soon, and of course I will tell you when it's done. ❣️ xoxo... more
    • ThanksCuffs, Tue Jul 18 6:50pm
      Great close-ups of that fabulous face! Nice work.
    • Might be a good idea... — DCG, Mon Jul 17 4:22pm
      • Oops 🙈Ioana, Mon Jul 17 4:34pm
        Here is the link to video: I forgot to put it, thanks DCG! 😅
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