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Bob O
No sound Doc.
Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:58am

Don't know what happened. It had sound when I watched it last night. Lee was perfect for these kinds of roles wasn't he?

    • No sound Doc. — Bob O, Mon Jul 24 11:58am
      • hmm, very strange.Doc, Mon Jul 24 3:44pm
        I tried again this afternoon and I'm still getting sound on my end. And while sound is essential to any film, it's especially important when LVC has a role. What an amazing and commanding voice Lee... more
        • Must be my phone DocBob O, Tue Jul 25 5:37pm
          I'm getting sound now. Yes Gail Davis was pretty. I had a couple of Annie Oakley comic books with her in color on the cover. Most of her acting career involved Gene Autry's Flying A Productions. Her... more
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