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Gene & Lee: Yeah, "Higher Court" was...
Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:31pm

...for me, fairly elusive for a few years -- "Annie Breaks an Alibi", the other LVC guest spot on ANNIE OAKLEY, and I got "Alibi" at least 15 years ago. I think I found "Higher Court" something like 5 years ago.

Here's "Alibi", if anyone's interested:

Had a similar issue with the AO spin-off, BUFFALO BILL, JR:

Got "Boomer's Blunder" around the same time I got "Alibi". It wasn't as long for "Calico Kid" to show up, but the copy I obtained was something like 5th or more generation, so it was barely watchable, alas. Got a better print a few years back.



Two more of Gene Autry's "Flying A" productions that Van Cleef guested on are, of course, THE GENE AUTRY SHOW, as well as THE ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION.

AC=Crossroad Trail

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pick up the two eps of GA on GooToob...they've been there in the past, but maybe they're down right now. (Odd that the Autry estate might've cracked down on their signature TV program, but skipped all these others...IF that's what's going on, of course!)


  • Just saw a new to me LVCBob O, Sun Jul 23 7:47pm
    Just watched an episode of Annie Oakley I had not seen and Lee Van Cleef has the lead heavy with lots of lines and screen time. It from 1955 and the episode is Annie and the higher court. It's on... more
    • Gene & Lee: Yeah, "Higher Court" was... — DCG, Mon Jul 24 5:31pm
      • No sound Doc. Bob O, Mon Jul 24 11:58am
        Don't know what happened. It had sound when I watched it last night. Lee was perfect for these kinds of roles wasn't he?
        • hmm, very strange.Doc, Mon Jul 24 3:44pm
          I tried again this afternoon and I'm still getting sound on my end. And while sound is essential to any film, it's especially important when LVC has a role. What an amazing and commanding voice Lee... more
          • Must be my phone DocBob O, Tue Jul 25 5:37pm
            I'm getting sound now. Yes Gail Davis was pretty. I had a couple of Annie Oakley comic books with her in color on the cover. Most of her acting career involved Gene Autry's Flying A Productions. Her... more
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