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Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:24am

As with so many (it hurts to think about the #'s) that I missed -- either because of my ADHD or my Starting Too Late (as it were) in my Researches -- Steve Boyd was another that I didn't Get To In Time (before death)...

But, as always, I'm VERY glad that we have you, bobO, to Share your own Experiences, and fill in at least some of the cracks in our LVC knowledge! ;)

Beaucoup Thankeauz, once again, amigo!

  • Stephen BoydBob O, Mon Jul 24 7:33am
    Steven Boyd, who had a major part and a big scene with Charlton Heston in Ben Hur, is one of the gang of heavies Peck is after ( Lee, Albert Salmi and Henry Silva are the others)..well I met Stephen... more
    • Boyd — DCG, Sun Jul 30 12:24am
      • Okay DCGBob O, Mon Jul 31 9:45am
        And Boyd died of a massive heart attack playing golf in California in 1977. I think he was about 45. So he was gone well before we lost Lee. Boyd's career was getting bigger parts than Lee's was... more
      • Is there a code in there I'm missing?britzen, Sun Jul 30 6:34pm
        After your April Fools post, i'm suspicious. What's going on with the random caps, that's usually how I write. They're not movie names that I see. Britz
        •, Britz...DCG, Sun Jul 30 7:29pm
 "code", just My Own (as Sir Lancelot said to his faithful Concord...who had to Help with the Last Word) Personal...Idiom! ;) [cf, MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY should really watch the... more
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