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Is there a code in there I'm missing?
Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:34pm

After your April Fools post, i'm suspicious. What's going on with the random caps, that's usually how I write. They're not movie names that I see.


  • BoydDCG, Sun Jul 30 12:24am
    As with so many (it hurts to think about the #'s) that I missed -- either because of my ADHD or my Starting Too Late (as it were) in my Researches -- Steve Boyd was another that I didn't Get To In... more
    • Okay DCGBob O, Mon Jul 31 9:45am
      And Boyd died of a massive heart attack playing golf in California in 1977. I think he was about 45. So he was gone well before we lost Lee. Boyd's career was getting bigger parts than Lee's was... more
    • Is there a code in there I'm missing? — britzen, Sun Jul 30 6:34pm
      •, Britz...DCG, Sun Jul 30 7:29pm "code", just My Own (as Sir Lancelot said to his faithful Concord...who had to Help with the Last Word) Personal...Idiom! ;) [cf, MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY should really watch the... more
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