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Bob O
Johnny Cash
Sat Aug 5, 2017 1:25pm

I was thrilled to meet Johnny Cash. I was working back stage at an old theater in Johnson City, Tennessee. During the summer and fall of 1969, the theater had a country music show on Saturday night. Johnny and his group were on the show that night. Someone tapped me in the shoulder and it was Johnny looking for the dressing room.

  • Re: the Men in Blackbritzen, Sat Aug 5 11:35am
    The black outfit was way before LVC hit it big. JC and the Tennessee Two (at the time prior to W.S. Holland joining ranks) happened to all have something black to wear on stage, and it covered dirt... more
    • Hey, B...DCG, Sun Aug 6 12:26am
      ...can't seem to find your email. Want to ask you something... Could you shoot it to me, again? (Click on the highlit "DCG" above, for mine.) Thx! DCG.
      • DCG emailBritzen , Mon Aug 7 4:11pm
        Hey Chief, I clicked on your highlight name to no avail, I'll be older than my Mom before I get anything that. I think I got my email posted in this message, not sure how everything works. Britz
        • Well, we can work out...DCG, Mon Aug 7 5:15pm
          ...what went wrong off-board, but if anyone else needs help: Hover your cursor over anyone's "highlighted" handle in the header above their post(s) -- if the name is *not* highlit, then they didn't... more
      • Which "B"?Britzen , Sun Aug 6 6:06am
        To whom are you addressing? Bob or Britzen?
        • Sorry if I was bein' too...DCG, Sun Aug 6 1:45pm
          ...obtuse, Britzen: I sometimes lapse into shortened/familiarized versions of people's names. I was responding to your post, not bobO's. And I always call him "bobO" --- it's an old handle he used... more
    • Johnny Cash — Bob O, Sat Aug 5 1:25pm
      • Faron YoungBob O, Sat Aug 5 1:32pm
        Faron Young was on a different show. I asked him about Lee Van Cleef and he said is Lee in those Italian Westerns. I said yes. He said he thought that was the same actor who worked with him, Marty... more
        • Re: Faron YoungBritzen , Sat Aug 5 2:12pm
          Yes! Raiders of Old California! JC and Faron Young were best friends, they scattered Young's ashes after his demise on the Cash property, though it was really windy, so "Faron ended up everywhere",... more
          • Badge of Marshall BrennanBob O, Sat Aug 5 3:46pm
            and Raiders of Old California were shot at the same time with virtually the same cast by Albert C. Gannaway. Country star Carl Smith was in Badge and Faron Young was in Radiers. Marty Robbins was in... more
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