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Re: Faron Young
Sat Aug 5, 2017 2:12pm

Yes! Raiders of Old California! JC and Faron Young were best friends, they scattered Young's ashes after his demise on the Cash property, though it was really windy, so "Faron ended up everywhere", according to a JC story. I also found that JC was in an episode of Wagon Train. While not the same episode as LVC, we're getting warmer.

Sorry for the diversion, the wildfire smoke has me in lockdown in the cabin and ""Death Rides a Horse" came on while I had some JC playing on the porch, got me thinkin'.

Love the story on meeting JC. I met him once when I was 7 and got his autograph. Sure wish I could've met LVC.


  • Faron YoungBob O, Sat Aug 5 1:32pm
    Faron Young was on a different show. I asked him about Lee Van Cleef and he said is Lee in those Italian Westerns. I said yes. He said he thought that was the same actor who worked with him, Marty... more
    • Re: Faron Young — Britzen , Sat Aug 5 2:12pm
      • Badge of Marshall BrennanBob O, Sat Aug 5 3:46pm
        and Raiders of Old California were shot at the same time with virtually the same cast by Albert C. Gannaway. Country star Carl Smith was in Badge and Faron Young was in Radiers. Marty Robbins was in... more
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