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DCG email
Mon Aug 7, 2017 4:11pm

Hey Chief,

I clicked on your highlight name to no avail, I'll be older than my Mom before I get anything that. I think I got my email posted in this message, not sure how everything works.


  • Hey, B...DCG, Sun Aug 6 12:26am
    ...can't seem to find your email. Want to ask you something... Could you shoot it to me, again? (Click on the highlit "DCG" above, for mine.) Thx! DCG.
    • DCG email — Britzen , Mon Aug 7 4:11pm
      • Well, we can work out...DCG, Mon Aug 7 5:15pm
        ...what went wrong off-board, but if anyone else needs help: Hover your cursor over anyone's "highlighted" handle in the header above their post(s) -- if the name is *not* highlit, then they didn't... more
    • Which "B"?Britzen , Sun Aug 6 6:06am
      To whom are you addressing? Bob or Britzen?
      • Sorry if I was bein' too...DCG, Sun Aug 6 1:45pm
        ...obtuse, Britzen: I sometimes lapse into shortened/familiarized versions of people's names. I was responding to your post, not bobO's. And I always call him "bobO" --- it's an old handle he used... more
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