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Well, we can work out...
Mon Aug 7, 2017 5:15pm

...what went wrong off-board, but if anyone else needs help:

Hover your cursor over anyone's "highlighted" handle in the header above their post(s) -- if the name is *not* highlit, then they didn't fill in their email and click the box marked "Show email address?" (It doesn't actually "show" it to all and sundry, such as SPAM Spider programs or lazy hackers: it "reveals" it only when human interaction is involved, as I describe, here.)

When your cursor's over the highlit handle, Right-click your mouse and scroll down and Left-click on Copy Email Address.

That'll capture it; then, paste it into your email program, and *voilą* -- ready to screed away! ;)

Hope that helps,

  • DCG emailBritzen , Mon Aug 7 4:11pm
    Hey Chief, I clicked on your highlight name to no avail, I'll be older than my Mom before I get anything that. I think I got my email posted in this message, not sure how everything works. Britz
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