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This is from a series called...
Wed Aug 9, 2017 7:26pm

...LUKE AND THE TENDERFOOT, bobO --- great find! ;)

It's been on my Found But Need to Order DVD-R list for a couple years. The Grey Market dealers who list it keep disappearing before I can order it.

I only just last week called the phone number listed for one of these dealers that's been around a long time (but I didn't see LT listed last time I looked...some months back), and he confirmed he had LT available, and I was planning to order it RSN...

...until your Post, that is, bobO! ;)

I'm in the middle of watching a another film, or I'd watch the LT download I just made right now...

Btw, this "Forsaken Westerns" GooToob poster is worth keeping an eye on --- wish he wasn't so full of himself that he needs to Intro each show, but hey can't have ev'thang, eh? ;) (On 2nd tho't, he might be doin' these Intro's as much to Change the Content, and thus make it bullet-proof against Copyright Infringement suits...)

In any case...thanx again, bobO! I'll watch it later tonite.

  • Another new to me TVBob O, Wed Aug 9 1:45pm
    It's on YouTube as Broken Westerns The Boston Kid. It stars Edgar Buchanan and has Lee, Michael Landon and Leonard Nimoy in the cast. apparently only had two episodes with this as the first. It was... more
    • This is from a series called... — DCG, Wed Aug 9 7:26pm
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