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Chris Van Cleef
Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:19am

Hello ioanna, I searched on Face Book for 'Chris Van Cleef' and it is a woman that lives in New York City. Whether CVC sent you that message or someone is impersonating her is open to question. You may be able to send her a message on her FB and ask her if she actually has been in contact with you and is related to Lee Van Cleef. Otherwise I would ignore the whole thing. Good Luck, Theoke

  • An Emergency! Please help! ioana, Mon Aug 21 1:50am
    This morning I woke up and I entered Facebook a little. I received a notification as a comment to my profile picture from Chris Van Cleef, which was so: "We need to meet some day soon, Ioana CG" I... more
    • I would never give out my home address.Doc, Mon Aug 21 10:10pm
      In America, one could treat this type of situation by setting up a PO Box account (PO = Post Office). That way you can accept deliveries without disclosing your home address. I'm not sure your mail... more
    • Chris Van Cleef — Theokie, Mon Aug 21 7:19am
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