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Interesting find, Maggs! ;)
Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:51pm

Sending a query to see what's what. (Didn't yet find answer via interviews and broken links found searching...)

I'm no Music Journalist, so don't know what someone of that stripe would micro-label the music of Uhlmann, Wiebusch and Bustorff --- I find it pretty standard, perfectly enjoyable, but not particularly unique Rock. (Admittedly, I only sampled a half-dozen tunes.)

If int'd, here's Uhlmann's mix of entries on GooToob, for starters:

Will let y'all know if/when I learn the origin of the "Van Cleef" part of "Grand/Hotel van Cleef"....

  • Grand Hotel van CleefMaggie, Wed Aug 23 2:48pm
    ... is a German independent label. Did you know? I do not suppose they are named after the jewelry guys... :) Cheers, Maggie
    • Interesting find, Maggs! ;) — DCG, Thu Aug 24 3:51pm
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