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I hope you are all fine and dry-footed? (nm)
Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:34am

  • Hurricane IRMAATL Kathy, Sat Sep 9 10:21am
    Hope everyone, including the LVC families in FLA, are safe and are spared from the upcoming storm. Would love to hear (after the storm) that you are all well. Blessings to you all!
    • I hope you are all fine and dry-footed? (nm) — Maggie, Thu Sep 14 11:34am
    • Same to you my dearDoc, Sat Sep 9 10:15pm
      It seems you're right in the line of fire. So sweet of you to be thinking of everyone else. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and others who may be affected.
      • Hurricane IRMAATL Kathy, Sun Sep 10 7:05am
        Thanks so much, DOC! I certainly appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We are expecting 5-9 inches of rain, and 60 mph winds, here in ATL tomorrow. Going to be a rough day, but luckily we have a... more
        • Hurricane IRMAATL Kathy, Tue Sep 12 3:10pm
          All is well in my little corner of the power outages, or trees down or any other damage. Other parts of ATL were not quite so lucky. Thanks for your good thoughts, hope we hear from the... more
    • What I've heard thus far...DCG, Sat Sep 9 9:08pm that things are OK. Keeps flippin' btwn 3 an' 4 -- orders of magnitude, so let's hope 3 or less when it hits folx! But it's not over, yet... DCG.
    • YesBob O, Sat Sep 9 8:08pm
      Want to echo what Atlanta Kathy said. I have a cousin down in Stuart. That on the Atlantic side. Now it seems the Gulf side is in the bulls eye.
      • Just remembered, doesn't Walt...DCG, Tue Sep 12 11:10am in Florida? The info I have puts him more or less in Central maybe he didn't get too much of it. I'm gonna try and email him and find out... DCG.
      • LVC FL family members...DCG, Sun Sep 10 12:12am
        ...are out of the Current Path of the NOA predicted path... But, as I indicated earlier -- if only via suggestion -- Mother Nature is Unpredictable. However, Science is pretty good, by an'... more
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