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IRMA update: Walt/"Col. Mortimer"
Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:11pm

Just heard from Walt, and wanted to let all know he & his family are OK.

Property, not so much...

Since I didn't want to take the time to ask his permission before quoting his email -- his landline is still down, and he only just got power/internet back recently -- I'll only summarize/paraphrase his message...

Bottom line, he had a lot of rare foliage (those who know him have a clue as to the main species, etc) that suffered what sounds like catastrophic damage.

Fortunately, his house remains intact with fairly minimal damage.

Walt says the property will take a long while to clear and recover...

I'm sure we all wish Walt & Cathy a speedy (and thrifty!) Return to Normalcy -- as soon as we discover what Normal is, anyway. (That's a HHGTG ref, for those in the know...) ;)

PostScript: Anyone who wishes to send a personal message to Walt & Cathy can contact me via clicking the "DCG" in the header above to get my email, and I'll FW your message. (Of course, unless you tell me specifically otherwise, I'll be including your email address in your message for them --- so they'll be able to reply directly to you, when they have time amidst all the chaos...)

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