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Re: Harry Dean Stanton, RIP
Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:45am

One of the most underappreciated actors. He transformed so many roles, and a beautiful singer. I was just listening to his version of Blue Eyes Cryin' in The Rain. Now that we're getting rain and some respite of fighting these fires, we can actually breathe again in many ways, I have several HDS films cued up while I organize and restock our fire gear. Thanks for posting

Keep your powder dry.

  • Harry Dean Stanton, RIPDCG, Fri Sep 15 6:08pm
    Harry Dean Stanton passed away today, aged 91. One of my all-time fave character actors, he co-starred with Van Cleef in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, as "Brain" -- however, the script provided no shared... more
    • Re: Harry Dean Stanton, RIP — britzen, Mon Sep 18 7:45am
      • Harry Dean SINGS! ;)DCG, Mon Sep 18 11:32am
        Glad you're OK with all the Fires, Britzen... ...and yep, the only thing close to a Regret that I've ever heard Harry Dean utter, was that he never made a serious effort at pursuing his singing... more
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