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Tom's correct, Ioana...
Thu Oct 5, 2017 9:19am

...I've got the Van Cleef family tree in my files (but not in front of me at the moment), and I remember trying to trace just such a connection, once and for all.

As I recall, Alfred Van Cleef (co-founder of Van Cleef & Arpels, with Salomon Arpels) was further out on the ancestral branches than Humphrey Bogart. ;)

(And yes, that's a humourous rejoinder, but also true!)


  • Van Cleef and ArpelsTom B., Tue Oct 3 2:07pm
    No direct relationship.
    • Tom's correct, Ioana... — DCG, Thu Oct 5 9:19am
    • "van" means "from"Maggie, Tue Oct 3 2:19pm
      So everybody hailing from a certain location at a certain time in history (when the Dutch fixed their surnames that is) can have the location in their surname. It is like the -sen (son of...) with... more
      • Thanks a lot, dear Maggie!Joan, Tue Oct 3 9:23pm
        Now I understood. I never thought about Netherlands when I was reading this name. Or about Germany. Very interesting and useful information. Thank you. And thank you, Iím glad that you like my real... more
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