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Kinda surprised Tom B didn't...
Thu Oct 5, 2017 9:24am

...respond to you, Britzen, when he popped back in the other day. (I've been pet-sitting for a week, and the pups were very hardly anything else done!)

Tom forgotten more about filming in the Alabama Hills/Lone Pine than I'll ever know (don't think he's got any Chinese blood in 'im, tho! )

I know I've found some lists in my prior researches, but will have to dig to pull 'em up...will try to get back to it in the next few days. I've got another big project on my plate at the mo'...


  • I found Ride Lonesome and How the West Was Won. I read through a list on Wikipedia pertaining to the Hills and thought I must be missing some, but perhaps I keep thinking of the serials filmed there. ... more
    • Kinda surprised Tom B didn't... — DCG, Thu Oct 5 9:24am
      • No problem , Chief.Bruzen, Thu Oct 5 3:24pm
        My trip isn't until the snow melts next Spring '18, we're prepping for Winter up here and will be close to snowed in, so I'll be focusing on the serials at that time. -Britz
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