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LVC in TIN STAR on TCM, Friday
Thu Oct 5, 2017 5:01pm

TIN STAR (57) - Friday, October 6th, 2017 - 9.15pm, PST (12.15am Sat morning, EST)

Van Cleef plays "Ed McGaffey", in one of at least 16 performances that appeared before the public in theatres and on TV in 1957 -- his most prolific year, as far as we know right now. (More appearances crop up, it seems, at least once or twice each year, these days.)

As with so many roles in the first half of his career, Lee's "McGaffey" is a "supporting thug" to the primary Villain -- here, that's Neville Brand as "Bart Bogardus". As many of you know, Brand and Van Cleef shared the Big and Small Screens more than once -- eg, in the "Quarter Past Eleven" episode of Brand's TV show, LAREDO, the "Double Exposure" episode of THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW, THE LONELY MAN, and perhaps their best-known collaboration, in the Noir film, KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (which Quentin Tarantino has admitted as the primary inspiration for his pastiche, RESERVOIR DOGS).

Hope folks catch TIN STAR, if interested. If you miss it or don't have TCM, maybe I can help... (Email me via clicking the "DCG" above to get my address.)


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