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Well, arch...
Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:07am

...I would never claim to be an expert, but I have studied hundreds of LVC signatures -- including dozens of "official" ones, like on checks and government documents.

There were the usual changes over the decades, as with most individuals' history, but these are minor (again, typical, according to Autograph "experts", from what I've read in their articles, or learned from them directly).

By the early-mid 1960s, Lee's signature pretty much settled into an identifiable pattern. Of course, each (real) one is unique, and there are a handful of steps you can follow that should eliminate Pre-Prints.

I've only seen 2 that I'd consider "suspicious" -- which means the odds are on your side.

But I've prattled on enough -- didn't mean to turn this into a screed!

However, if you'd like, we can discuss this off-list (email above: click on "DCG" to reveal it, in case you lost it).

Just let me know, amigo!

  • Autogragh ?arch stanton, Tue Oct 10 3:17pm
    I have an autographed 8 x 10 that I bought in the 1980's.It came with a COA from Autographics located in Dallas Tx. I cannot find anything about them on the internet so where does that leave the... more
    • Well, arch... — DCG, Wed Oct 11 4:07am
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