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Pretty sure you mean...
Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:10pm

...the "Payroll Robbery" episode of TOMBSTONE TERRITORY, right, bobO? ;) Season 3, Episode 5, OAD: 6.nov.59

I've got it, watched it a coupla times, but not recently.

However, John Milford is -- like LVC -- one of those ubiquitous Character JM's case, almost 170 (known) Credits.

Anyone who watches the Classics will likely recognize him. (He appeared 11 times in THE RIFLEMAN, alone! Might be a record for a Guest Star on that program...) For fans of Hugh O'Brian's WYATT EARP show, Milford had the recurring role of "Ike Clanton". In addition to the TT ep, he also co-starred with LVC in the "Man Alone" episode of CHEYENNE, and as you note, bobO, the "Clarence Bibbs Story" entry in THE RIFLEMAN.

John Milford was one of "Those Faces" that I loved to see again and again as a kid -- I especially recall his roles on MANNIX, and later as an adult, in one of my all-time Fave TV Shows, PICKET FENCES. ;)

Thanx for joggin' the Memories, bobO!

  • Saw new for me Lee on TVBob O, Wed Oct 11 3:52pm
    The episode was underway when I found it on TV this morning at 8:35am. Lee had a big part and first billing in the list of guest actors. It was Tombstone Territory and Lee's partner in crime was John ... more
    • Pretty sure you mean... — DCG, Wed Oct 11 10:10pm
      • YeahBob O, Sat Oct 14 3:54am
        I think I read John Milford designed the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes 11 episodes of the Rifleman is a lot. Although Lee racked up about 150 TV credits with episodic work, he didn't seem to be the... more
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