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Bob O
Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:54am

I think I read John Milford designed the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes 11 episodes of the Rifleman is a lot.

Although Lee racked up about 150 TV credits with episodic work, he didn't seem to be the usual go to guy like Myron Healey or James Griffin for TV bad guys.

  • Pretty sure you mean...DCG, Wed Oct 11 10:10pm
    ...the "Payroll Robbery" episode of TOMBSTONE TERRITORY, right, bobO? ;) Season 3, Episode 5, OAD: 6.nov.59 I've got it, watched it a coupla times, but not recently. However, John Milford is -- like... more
    • Yeah — Bob O, Sat Oct 14 3:54am
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