Bob O
Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:57am

Lee is favoring his right leg in this episode. Part of the act like Dennis Weaver's Chester on Gunsmoke or the car wreck?

  • BroncoBob O, Sat Oct 14 3:47am
    Lee is on Bronco on Cozi TV right now. It's the episode about Teddy Roosevelt. I see Tris Coffin is the head bad guy Lee works for.
    • Leg — Bob O, Sat Oct 14 3:57am
      • BRONCO 1961 ep "Yankee Tornado" was...DCG, Sat Oct 14 6:58pm
        ...well after the 1958 car accident, bobO. ;) FYI, DCG.
      • LegATL Kathy, Sat Oct 14 8:48am
        Hi Bob O, Judging from the time stamp on your post, you must be a night owl. I usually stay up late, but by 3:30 or so, I have to call it a day! Sorry that I missed seeing this one. Have a good one- K
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