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Lee looks good
Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:16am

I own this film & think Lee does an excellent job playing the father figure. Law is too stiff; don't like his performance at all. My favorite scene is when Ryan finds Cavanaugh. Lee drinking at the bar is so interesting, the way he is dressed, his expression, the drop of whiskey left on his bottom lip. The later conversation in the bedroom with Ryan & Cavanaugh is Lee at his best--the way he moves, smiles & that voice. Perfect paused shot in the shadows when Lee leaves the room--that gorgeous face!

  • Death Rides A Horse big hit on YouTubeBob O, Sun Oct 22 2:58am
    Death Rides A Horse is a big international hit on You Tube. Someone recently downloaded a beautiful HD version but an earlier dub that is not the best picture quality has been viewed just shy of 1... more
    • Lee looks good — Cuffs, Sun Oct 22 8:16am
      • Absolutely!Maggie, Sun Oct 22 11:18am
        It is my favorite movie and I have watched it over and over again - needless to say I also have got the DVD. I am glad they don't grow ruts though, like LPs did, way back when... But Cuffs, honestly, ... more
        • Lugi PistiliBob O, Sun Oct 22 12:14pm
          Luigi was a great Italian stage actor who put his talent to great use in several Italian Westerns. I remember reading about Luigi's suicide in Variety in 1996. His son has killed himself and he was... more
          • Yeah, shame about Luigi Pistili...DCG, Sun Oct 22 1:03pm
            ...always enjoy his performances. There are a handful of Deaths By Misadventure & outright Suicides in Italian Film History, eh? Including Spaghetti Western actors... ("Frank Wolff" -- Walter Frank... more
            • suicides in the acting professionDoc, Mon Oct 23 7:33am
              I often wondered if the numbers were high among professional actors because of an identity crisis. I believe that many in the profession take solace in continually pretending to be somebody else, as... more
              • Agree 100%, Doc...DCG, Mon Oct 23 10:38am
                ...all the evidence I've gathered thus far suggest Lee approached acting as a Job -- altho once he gained some success at it, he made serious efforts to improve himself and learn the craft. That's... more
              • That may well be the case...Maggie, Mon Oct 23 9:41am
                ... plus some adittional insecurity as you never know how long fame lasts and whether you will manage to keep up your lifestyle (or eating and heating, as a matter of fact) for the years to come. And ... more
                • Male equivalent of Director's CouchDCG, Mon Oct 23 9:59pm
                  There are many factors that led to LVC's "decline" in "Fame"...too many to detail in this post, alas, Maggs! ;P As for the "Male Equivalent" of the Casting Couch (not limited to Directors: other... more
                  • Ah, yes...Maggie, Wed Oct 25 3:56am
                    Well, the remarks about decline in fame were not coined on LVC but meant as a contribution to the discussion of high sucide rates in the business. Hmmm, the casting couch, yes, indeed, that was... more
                    • Beyond the Casting CouchDCG, Wed Oct 25 2:57pm
                      Sorry, Maggs --- I wrote my reply in bits, as I had time or needed a break from work, over several, by the time I finished the Reply from some short notes I took after reading your post... more
            • Re: Yeah, shame about Luigi Pistili...arch stanton, Mon Oct 23 6:53am
              And the great Al Muloch.
        • Lugi PistiliBob O, Sun Oct 22 12:07pm
          To me the voice actor who dubbed Lugi in Death Rides A Horse also dubbed the sheriff. And one of the characters at the beginning of the film. It was dubbed from what I understand in Rome. The Leone... more
    • Is this the link you mean, bobO...?DCG, Sun Oct 22 8:02am
      vlc record 2016 09 30 12h44m41s dvd E's the best version I could find (in a reasonable period of Searching)... Best, DCG.
      • No that is not it DCGBob O, Sun Oct 22 12:03pm
        I only have a phone at the moment and I'll be damned if I can figure out how to link it with this cell phone. It's titled Death rides a horse (1967). Only Death had an upper case letter and it begins ... more
        • Ah, thanx, bobO --- here's the link...DCG, Sun Oct 22 12:52pm
          ...that you're talkin' about: Death rides a horse (1967) Yes, it's not only WS, but appears to be ripped directly from the MGM dvd. Alas, it appears to be... more
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