Beyond the Casting Couch
Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:57pm

Sorry, Maggs --- I wrote my reply in bits, as I had time or needed a break from work, over several hours...so, by the time I finished the Reply from some short notes I took after reading your post (to make sure I didn't forget the points I wanted to respond to), things conflated somewhat, including melding LVC into the "decline in fame" comment. ;P

But, Lee's career *did* decline in his latter years....due to several causes, as noted.

I'm glad Weinstein's fall (and I hope he never recovers, the jerk!) has finally created a major discussion on the Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Women in Society at large -- there have been more jerks getting the spotlight shone upon their behaviors, and they're paying for it: usually losing their jobs, and often facing legal action.

While the focus is mainly on wHorleyWood (director James Tobak, Amazon Studios head Roy Price, ex-Nickelodeon producer Chris Savino), the media lens is widening to other executives, including: Silicon Valley entrepreneur Robert Scoble, fashion photographer Terry Richardson, NEW REPUBLIC's Leon Wieseltier, celebrity chef John Besh, Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, Vox Media’s editorial director Lockhart Steele...and even female staffers supporting the European Parliament have come forward to voice allegations.

#MeToo helps Get the Word Out, of course, and -- with other outlets -- is building what I hope is a genuine Movement...

It's way, way overdue.

U go, Grrlz!! ;)

  • Ah, yes...Maggie, Wed Oct 25 3:56am
    Well, the remarks about decline in fame were not coined on LVC but meant as a contribution to the discussion of high sucide rates in the business. Hmmm, the casting couch, yes, indeed, that was... more
    • Beyond the Casting Couch — DCG, Wed Oct 25 2:57pm
      • No worries!Maggie, Wed Oct 25 11:41pm
        You raised interesting points. Yes, LVC had his share of career slumps, and no, they were noch mono-causal, things rarely are. I'm also curious how the Weinstein scandal will influence public opinion ... more
        • One of the reasons I started to research LVC's life and career was to answer the question some of our fellow TBn members have also raised at various times: "Why wasn't Lee Van Cleef more successful?" ... more
          • I am surprised...Maggie, Sat Oct 28 2:09pm
            ... to read that fans thought he wasn't successful. There are many ways to measure success and money and limelights are not the only one. Many great artists gained fame (and would have become super... more
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