No worries!
Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:41pm

You raised interesting points.

Yes, LVC had his share of career slumps, and no, they were noch mono-causal, things rarely are.

I'm also curious how the Weinstein scandal will influence public opinion along with all those news about harassment in the tech industry (just to mention one example). You named more of them. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Actually - I have been watching a couple of popular TV shows from the 80s lately and I have been marveling at all the macho/prolo/hard boiled/exploding violence/flat feeling culture we all seem to have thought oh so cool. Even more extreme than those hard boiled novels by Raymond Chandler. I wonder where that came from. And I hope we have evolved a bit since then!

Well, I am off to a busy day, so I keep this short, I just thought it would be good to reply!

  • Beyond the Casting CouchDCG, Wed Oct 25 2:57pm
    Sorry, Maggs --- I wrote my reply in bits, as I had time or needed a break from work, over several, by the time I finished the Reply from some short notes I took after reading your post... more
    • No worries! — Maggie, Wed Oct 25 11:41pm
      • One of the reasons I started to research LVC's life and career was to answer the question some of our fellow TBn members have also raised at various times: "Why wasn't Lee Van Cleef more successful?" ... more
        • I am surprised...Maggie, Sat Oct 28 2:09pm
          ... to read that fans thought he wasn't successful. There are many ways to measure success and money and limelights are not the only one. Many great artists gained fame (and would have become super... more
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