WARNING: political tirade contained within!
Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:18am

One of the reasons I started to research LVC's life and career was to answer the question some of our fellow TBn members have also raised at various times: "Why wasn't Lee Van Cleef more successful?"

As I said (and you seem to agree), there are several -- if not many -- reasons. And that's why it will take an entire book to parse that issue...

Per the Other Issue at hand:

Yep, every week -- sometimes every day: high-powered journalist and political pundit Mark Halperin was just "outed" -- another "powerful" male's abuses come to light. ("Powerful" in quotes, because Sexual Abuse and Harassment is NOT about "sex": it's about the Abuse of Power. And the fact that these men -- only very, very rarely in statistical terms, do women behave this way -- feel compelled to dominate women in this manner, shows that these jerks actually *lack* True Power: self-confidence. If these twits had that, they wouldn't "need" to push women around or worse, assault them, to prove their "power".)

End rant! Sorry 'bout that, folx ---- I'm a bit of a News Junkie, and I guess I'm feelin' pretty angry, as this topic is flooding the journalism outlets right now. ;P

Let's just hope all the Celebrity Attention (on both sides of the issue) helps effect change among the Masses, too --- that's where the *real* damage is done: not to the 1%-ers, but to the average, every-day Woman tryin' to get thru her job, or walk down the street, or just "live" her life.


  • No worries!Maggie, Wed Oct 25 11:41pm
    You raised interesting points. Yes, LVC had his share of career slumps, and no, they were noch mono-causal, things rarely are. I'm also curious how the Weinstein scandal will influence public opinion ... more
    • WARNING: political tirade contained within! — DCG, Fri Oct 27 8:18am
      • I am surprised...Maggie, Sat Oct 28 2:09pm
        ... to read that fans thought he wasn't successful. There are many ways to measure success and money and limelights are not the only one. Many great artists gained fame (and would have become super... more
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