Giving "Silent" players a voice
Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:03pm

Almost mentioned Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle in my earlier post, Maggs, so thanks for mentioning him in yours. He was, of course, instrumental in launching Keaton's career, but also worked with Chaplin and many others. Ahead of his time in his own rightp for never using his notable belly as a scapegoat for gags, Arbuckle was one of, if not THE first celebrity brought down via Sex Scandal when he was accused of raping a starlet. (As with most Scandals, the Truth is most likely far from the Legend: one can find a great deal about this case from reputable reporting sources such as the BBC and the Christian Science Monitor. Suffice it to say it appears that not only was Arbuckle framed, but the final acquitting jury wrote him a letter apologizing for putting Arbuckle through the overblown ordeal.)

James Finlayson is among a huge contingent of "I know them!" faces on the Silent Screen -- we could fill an entire Forum with the Unsung Supporting Players of the era! ;P

And of course, as for the Stars, we didn't even touch the Barrymores, Lillian Gish, Louise Brooks and Lon Chaney, just to name a few more....but we started with, and mostly talked about Comedic Actors, so it's understandable that these folx never came up.


  • Nice observations!Maggie, Sat Nov 25 3:55am
    Oh yes, Harry Langdon... And of course there also were Fatty Arbuckle and the extremely hilarious James Finlayson, even though I only ever saw him as a supporting actor. And the gang of little louts... more
    • Correct Maggs.Doc, Sat Nov 25 9:56pm
      The women of silent comedy (1920s) and early talkies (1930s) were extremely talented but overshadowed by the men. Mainly their roles were more dramatic in nature, with such fine actors as Lillian... more
      • Nice overview, Doc...DCG, Sun Nov 26 9:24pm
        ...it's been a few years since I was "into" the Dawn of Film era, so all those you named didn't come trippingly to the tongue for me, as they did for you. ;) Marie Dressler is one I'd add to your... more
    • Giving "Silent" players a voice — DCG, Sat Nov 25 5:03pm
      • Oh, I just remembered ..Doc, Sat Nov 25 10:38pm
        Not sure if you and Maggs knew that Stan Laurel was actually Charlie Chaplin's understudy. Also worth mentioning, Laurel and Hardy appeared together in a silent short before they eventually teamed... more
        • Nice bits of info!Maggie, Mon Nov 27 3:23am
          I heard that Laurel and Hardy had met on the set of a movie, but I did not know about the Chaplin connection. Hardly surprising, is it? It stull must have been a small world. Yes, the Fatty Arbuckle... more
          • Your last sentence.Doc, Mon Nov 27 6:59am
            I cannot lie ... I got chills when I read it. Genuine goosebumps.
    • Oh, yes!Maggie, Sat Nov 25 4:30am
      ... of course there is Mary Pickford....
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