Oh, I just remembered ..
Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:38pm

Not sure if you and Maggs knew that Stan Laurel was actually Charlie Chaplin's understudy.

Also worth mentioning, Laurel and Hardy appeared together in a silent short before they eventually teamed up. They met on the set.

You're so right about having to revisit the old classics. When I was a kid I liked L&H but couldn't appreciate the subtleties of their humor. They're by far my favorite comedy team now ("15-20 years later" is a very accurate assessment).

Laurel and Hardy did virtually all their own stunts. Same with Buster Keaton. It was long rumored that Harold Lloyd did his own stunts but that's highly disputed nowadays.

I somehow overlooked Fatty Arbuckle -- HUGE star until the scandal. I'm also a big fan of W.C. Fields, who had many unusual talents.

I think one way to sum up LVC's body of work in Westerns is that he was generally handed the role of the villain, often cold-blooded and calculating, yet he played it out so that a bit of the hero was never far below the surface. I prefer to think of him an anti-hero rather than a villain. A subtle distinction, I admit. But even in his roles as a hero, I might prefer to say anti-hero as well. In fact, I feel the same way about Clint Eastwood. Nothing in life is black and white (unless perhaps you're writing a script for a John Wayne movie). Life is far more complicated than that, and I prefer my characters to be layered and complex.

  • Giving "Silent" players a voiceDCG, Sat Nov 25 5:03pm
    Almost mentioned Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle in my earlier post, Maggs, so thanks for mentioning him in yours. He was, of course, instrumental in launching Keaton's career, but also worked with Chaplin... more
    • Oh, I just remembered .. — Doc, Sat Nov 25 10:38pm
      • Nice bits of info!Maggie, Mon Nov 27 3:23am
        I heard that Laurel and Hardy had met on the set of a movie, but I did not know about the Chaplin connection. Hardly surprising, is it? It stull must have been a small world. Yes, the Fatty Arbuckle... more
        • Your last sentence.Doc, Mon Nov 27 6:59am
          I cannot lie ... I got chills when I read it. Genuine goosebumps.
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