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Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:18pm

Rance was one of my favorite (and most forthcoming) interview subjects... I meant to keep in touch with him more often, and was thinking about calling him recently.


RIP, amigo.

  • Rance Howardarch stanton, Sun Nov 26 9:53am
    Rance Howard father of Ron and Clint Howard has passed away.He was the one who taught Lee Van Cleef how to ride a horse for his role in High Noon.
    • Vance HowardBob O, Sat Dec 2 5:47am
      I have an early 50s episode of Kit Carson and Lee Van Cleef plays a character called VANCE Howard. I figure it was a nod to Rance. Rance has a long list of credits at IMDb.
    • Re: Rance HowardAnonymous, Wed Nov 29 5:44am
      That was a shock. He was one of my Dad's best friends and gave the Eulogy at his funeral. AVC
      • Thanks, Alan...DCG, Wed Nov 29 12:41pm
        ...for sharing your sorrow. I only knew Rance through the phone lines, but he truly was an Old School Gentleman -- almost from "Hello", he treated me as if we'd known each other all our lives. A... more
    • DAMMIT!! — DCG, Sun Nov 26 9:18pm
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