Lots of ladies around!
Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:17am

You are right, there are not many who were active in the field of comedy, but I will look into those you mentioned. I did not really think about all the others when writing my post.

I also have got a sort of "tragic silent film heroine" in mind when I think of the ladies. But maybe that was symptomatic of society at the time and nothing to be surprised about.

They usually aired slapstick comedies and wild west movies in the silent film series I mentioned earlier, so I did not venture into more serious spheres before I was an adult and did not regard silent films as a serious artform for ages. But having watched the restored version of Metropolis really changed my outlook on them and I sometimes enjoy excursions into former times on TheTube. I think "The Artist", a movie that was not really a silent film but filmed like one for long stretches also gave silent movies new life in Europe. As well as public open air airings with live piano music, often of less famous movies.

  • Nice overview, Doc...DCG, Sun Nov 26 9:24pm's been a few years since I was "into" the Dawn of Film era, so all those you named didn't come trippingly to the tongue for me, as they did for you. ;) Marie Dressler is one I'd add to your... more
    • Lots of ladies around! — Maggie, Mon Nov 27 3:17am
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