Nice bits of info!
Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:23am

I heard that Laurel and Hardy had met on the set of a movie, but I did not know about the Chaplin connection. Hardly surprising, is it? It stull must have been a small world.

Yes, the Fatty Arbuckle scandal. I read about that. It is really interesting to see how luck waxed and waned with some people. And that things haven't really changed that much. It also was interesting to read about Anna May Wong who had problems being typecast because of her ethniticity. And about the way she tried to deal with that.

On the other hand, there are all those plain country girls inventing glamorous and exotic names as well as daring and adventurous backgrounds for marketing purposes, which reminds me of old vaudevielles or sideshow actors. Wouldn't work in the age of the internet, would it? We really lost some of the magic of the world.

  • Oh, I just remembered ..Doc, Sat Nov 25 10:38pm
    Not sure if you and Maggs knew that Stan Laurel was actually Charlie Chaplin's understudy. Also worth mentioning, Laurel and Hardy appeared together in a silent short before they eventually teamed... more
    • Nice bits of info! — Maggie, Mon Nov 27 3:23am
      • Your last sentence.Doc, Mon Nov 27 6:59am
        I cannot lie ... I got chills when I read it. Genuine goosebumps.
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