Marie Dressler ... Excellent addition. (nm)
Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:54am

  • Nice overview, Doc...DCG, Sun Nov 26 9:24pm's been a few years since I was "into" the Dawn of Film era, so all those you named didn't come trippingly to the tongue for me, as they did for you. ;) Marie Dressler is one I'd add to your... more
    • Marie Dressler ... Excellent addition. (nm) — Doc, Mon Nov 27 6:54am
    • Lots of ladies around!Maggie, Mon Nov 27 3:17am
      You are right, there are not many who were active in the field of comedy, but I will look into those you mentioned. I did not really think about all the others when writing my post. I also have got a ... more
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