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bobO...I'm sure you, me, and Doc....
Sun Dec 3, 2017 10:45am

....aren't the only ones to have noticed the likely link between Lee's "Vance Howard" character (in ADV/KIT CARSON, "No Man's Law", OAD: 9.oct.54) and his real-life pal, Rance Howard.

I'm an old-school Cynic in most ways, and can usually poke Logic holes in most conspiracy-type Hypotheses.

But sometimes, the details just go beyond Coincidence, eh? ;)

Interesting that, among LVC's handful of Dual Roles onscreen, "No Man's Law" is the only time he played two characters that were otherwise unrelated: "Major Farnsworth" and the aforementioned "Vance Howard".

Might have to go dig my copy out of the stacks and re-watch it again, in memory of Rance. (RIP.)


  • Vance HowardBob O, Sat Dec 2 5:47am
    I have an early 50s episode of Kit Carson and Lee Van Cleef plays a character called VANCE Howard. I figure it was a nod to Rance. Rance has a long list of credits at IMDb.
    • bobO...I'm sure you, me, and Doc.... — dcg, Sun Dec 3 10:45am
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