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The mystery of the vanishing comments
Thu Dec 7, 2017 2:35pm

Hm, anything new on the blog? I mean software-wise? I tried to post comments to the latest pictures and both times the comments just vanished into thin air after having displayed nice and firm for some time. The first time round I had thought it was a bout of Alzheimers, but now I am pretty sure I did post twice?

Anyway, I was going to say that they are great pictures from my favourite movie, I really like them a lot (and would stick them to my desktop background if that did not cause a couple of raised eyebrows and the need to explain....).

Thank you Aaron, you made my week!

    • Mystery of the Vanishing CommentsDoc, Fri Dec 8 11:50am
      Hmm, that would be an excellent title for an Agatha Christie novel. Since I rarely read my own comments any appreciable time after I post them, I'm kind of in the dark on this. (Maybe mine have... more
    • Me too.Bob O, Fri Dec 8 6:39am
      Had the same to happen. Yes ditto to Aaron for the great pictures. Lee didn't like the title selected for the English version of the film. Saw Anthony Dawson in Dial M For Murder the other day.... more
      • Anthony DawsonMaggie, Fri Dec 8 3:50pm
        ...was a Scot. Not wonder he sounded like one. In my opinion they would not really have needed to dub them, there must have been a very wild mixture of dialects, accents and incomplete English in the ... more
        • DubbingBob O, Sat Dec 9 11:50am
          Claudia Cardinale was dubbed in Italian Once Upon A Time In The West to erase the Italian accent. When I saw the film first run in 1968 I knew that wasn't her voice straight away. Her real voice is... more
        • My God, that faceDoc, Fri Dec 8 10:53pm
        • Yes, I agree with that.Doc, Fri Dec 8 10:49pm
          For example, consider English Bob in The Quick and the Dead. Gene Hackman starred in that. Another Hackman vehicle was of course Unforgiven, which went a long way toward demythicizing the Old West... more
          • BobO, DocMaggie, Mon Dec 11 12:40am
            Thank you for your interesting comments! Yes, dubbing seems to have been a hassle and done later, agreed. I knew about God's gun - but I didn't mind so very much, the first time I saw it it was... more
            • Funny Dubbing...?DCG, Wed Dec 13 7:41am
              It's entirely possible that I'm havin' a Senior Moment, but I don't recall ever reading/hearing of GBU (or any other SW) being "dubbed to be funny". At least, not by the Studio, as part of an... more
              • Hi DCG and MaggsDoc, Wed Dec 13 10:13pm
                I could be wrong, but my impression reading Maggie's message was that she wasn't meaning "funny" in exactly the sense you describe in your well thought out examples (let's make a camp film that might ... more
                • Cool Runnings (slip off the rails)DCG, Thu Dec 14 5:15pm
                  Well, Doc --- I guess it had to happen, eventually! ;) We finally found something to completely Disagree over... Yes, I can understand how the Rat Pack's suave behavior appears laughable to some... more
                  • Haha. Don't forget Peter Lawford.Doc, Thu Dec 14 11:32pm
                    Actually, Sinatra and Lawford had a huge falling out. Something to do with JFK canceling a stay at Sinatra's house due to Sinatra's alleged criminal ties. Sinatra felt that Lawford didn't make any... more
              • Ooops...Maggie, Wed Dec 13 3:08pm
                I should have clarified I meant the German version not the English. I am sorry, I forgot to mention that. We get to see almost everything dubbed over here, so I am not familiar with what a lot of... more
                • Danke schön, Maggs... ;)DCG, Thu Dec 14 5:14pm
         your points make sense. ;) And thanks for the clarification and Background Info on German Dubbing of SW's! As for a modern-day (then or now) perception that SW's were *meant* to be Funny, that ... more
                • English language difficult...Maggie, Thu Dec 14 12:07am
                  I did ponder a bit about this and I think I managed to sort it out now. Doc, I did actually mean funny in the sense of "something to laugh about", as in joke, tongue in cheek, whatever. They did a... more
                  • Oh, and...Maggie, Thu Dec 14 3:52am
                    ... there also was Sabata, right? That was 69, right? And that was when LVC was approached by Parolini who introduced the idea of a crazy comedy to him, right? So I stick out my little neck and... more
      • Re: Me, Fri Dec 8 9:12am
        Strange. I got the comments via email which I assume was published to the blog. Looks like they hit the spam folder. Should be restored now.
        • Thanks for fixing that!Maggie, Fri Dec 8 3:44pm
          Now I can see them, both of them. So it was no Fata Morgana! :)
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