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English language difficult...
Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:07am

I did ponder a bit about this and I think I managed to sort it out now.

Doc, I did actually mean funny in the sense of "something to laugh about", as in joke, tongue in cheek, whatever. They did a lot of that in the 70s (or I watched a lot of that in the 70s?) so it would not seem too much out of place. People also do have the perception that a Spaghetti Western belongs to the genre of comedy rather than tragedy or romance or whatever. Not black and white but shades of gray, but still a comedy or at least nothing serious (are we taking things too serious over here, sometimes?).

As I said I managed to work out what happened.

I first watched GBU in German and probably did so several times. I was not word perfect but knew what people said when.

Then I got my mitts on an English language VHS tape (Yay! Big feat at the time!) and did not only find out that the movie was longer and made more sense but that it was less chatty.

I must have watched the dubbing from the 80s, when they cut 15 minutes out of the movie. The dubbing always seems to have been more or less identical to the original theatrical dubbing though.

I did not find anything about GBU, but for Once upon a time in the West I actually found references saying that they dubbed bits and pieces where you saw the backs of the heads of actors or when they were offscreen, rendering much more text in German than in English. And that some things did have a completely different or opposite meaning than the original (whether that be English or Italian...). I think that is something that also befell GBU in the dubbing process.

The Persuaders were filmed in 1970 and 1971, so the dubbing would have been later than the dubbing of GBU, but that is famous for being a dubbing that made a lame and unpopular comedy in the UK a famous and popular comedy in Germany, because it was much more funny (it is, I watched both). And it certainly did hit a vein at the time.

So I think I have got my facts straight now.... I could verify by watching the version dubbed in German, I haven't seen that in ages, but it should be on the DVD I have got.

  • Ooops...Maggie, Wed Dec 13 3:08pm
    I should have clarified I meant the German version not the English. I am sorry, I forgot to mention that. We get to see almost everything dubbed over here, so I am not familiar with what a lot of... more
    • Danke schön, Maggs... ;)DCG, Thu Dec 14 5:14pm your points make sense. ;) And thanks for the clarification and Background Info on German Dubbing of SW's! As for a modern-day (then or now) perception that SW's were *meant* to be Funny, that ... more
      • but maybe people just needed something to laugh about in their daily lives. And I don't think that dubbing always had artistic approach as a relevant theme, but rather inland sales. So if they... more
        • Ah, okay, Maggs...DCG, Thu Dec 21 4:36am
          ...that definitely does create a Chicken-n-Egg scenario, as you suggest. Hmmm. For a culture that takes a ton of hits for its LACK of a Funny Bone, Germany certainly can surprise. (They were, as you... more
    • English language difficult... — Maggie, Thu Dec 14 12:07am
      • Oh, and...Maggie, Thu Dec 14 3:52am
        ... there also was Sabata, right? That was 69, right? And that was when LVC was approached by Parolini who introduced the idea of a crazy comedy to him, right? So I stick out my little neck and... more
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