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Oh, and...
Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:52am

... there also was Sabata, right? That was 69, right? And that was when LVC was approached by Parolini who introduced the idea of a crazy comedy to him, right?

So I stick out my little neck and venture into the theory that that was more or less when all the bravado and gandeur intended by Leone slipped and comedy seriously took over, capturing people's expectations as well. And you also lost all the social criticism present in many of the early Spagh Westerns including Leone movies, the big gundown or even the far more raw and brutal Django movie and won a lot of goofing around, with Bud Spencer and Terence hill on the extreme end.

Would anybody subscribe to this bit of original thinking?

  • English language difficult...Maggie, Thu Dec 14 12:07am
    I did ponder a bit about this and I think I managed to sort it out now. Doc, I did actually mean funny in the sense of "something to laugh about", as in joke, tongue in cheek, whatever. They did a... more
    • Oh, and... — Maggie, Thu Dec 14 3:52am
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