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Danke schön, Maggs... ;)
Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:14pm your points make sense. ;)

And thanks for the clarification and Background Info on German Dubbing of SW's!

As for a modern-day (then or now) perception that SW's were *meant* to be Funny, that likely comes down from the evolution of the genre -- first: Originals, then: Imitations, then: Parodies/Comedies -- and the probability that those last products found a wider audience over time, than the prior incarnations.

Also, it strikes me that perhaps Germany's "intentional Funny Dubbing" (let's call it) you speak of might have been done to the Originals and Imitations later on -- once the Comedy period launched, and Distributors tried to capitalize on the audiences' apparent desire to laugh at SW's...?


  • Ooops...Maggie, Wed Dec 13 3:08pm
    I should have clarified I meant the German version not the English. I am sorry, I forgot to mention that. We get to see almost everything dubbed over here, so I am not familiar with what a lot of... more
    • Danke schön, Maggs... ;) — DCG, Thu Dec 14 5:14pm
      • but maybe people just needed something to laugh about in their daily lives. And I don't think that dubbing always had artistic approach as a relevant theme, but rather inland sales. So if they... more
        • Ah, okay, Maggs...DCG, Thu Dec 21 4:36am
          ...that definitely does create a Chicken-n-Egg scenario, as you suggest. Hmmm. For a culture that takes a ton of hits for its LACK of a Funny Bone, Germany certainly can surprise. (They were, as you... more
    • English language difficult...Maggie, Thu Dec 14 12:07am
      I did ponder a bit about this and I think I managed to sort it out now. Doc, I did actually mean funny in the sense of "something to laugh about", as in joke, tongue in cheek, whatever. They did a... more
      • Oh, and...Maggie, Thu Dec 14 3:52am
        ... there also was Sabata, right? That was 69, right? And that was when LVC was approached by Parolini who introduced the idea of a crazy comedy to him, right? So I stick out my little neck and... more
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