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Cool Runnings (slip off the rails)
Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:15pm

Well, Doc --- I guess it had to happen, eventually! ;)

We finally found something to completely Disagree over...

Yes, I can understand how the Rat Pack's suave behavior appears laughable to some people today (esp. those too young to remember the 60s), but when I'm in the mood for it, there's nothing in the world more Cool than Frank, Dino, Sammy an' the gang. (OK, maybe not Joey...) ;)


  • Hi DCG and MaggsDoc, Wed Dec 13 10:13pm
    I could be wrong, but my impression reading Maggie's message was that she wasn't meaning "funny" in exactly the sense you describe in your well thought out examples (let's make a camp film that might ... more
    • Cool Runnings (slip off the rails) — DCG, Thu Dec 14 5:15pm
      • Haha. Don't forget Peter Lawford.Doc, Thu Dec 14 11:32pm
        Actually, Sinatra and Lawford had a huge falling out. Something to do with JFK canceling a stay at Sinatra's house due to Sinatra's alleged criminal ties. Sinatra felt that Lawford didn't make any... more
        • Cool an' the GangDCG, Sat Dec 23 11:37pm
, Doc --- I didn't "forget" Peter Lawford: I specifically said "and the gang" to include the "others" beyond the chief triumvirate of The Messrs. Cool that are the Rat Pack. While not "as"... more
          • Agree.Doc, Wed Dec 27 9:40am
            Joey Bishop was all kinda "Me??" But he was beloved by fellow rat-packers. And Shirley Maclaine also. Wonderful classy lady. And yet another of my boyhood crushes. Happy belated holidays DCG, and to... more
            • Rat Pack -- the Ladies edition!DCG, Fri Dec 29 4:22am
              And yes, -- HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too, Doc! Meanwhile, an earlier draught (mostly composed in my head, rather than actually typed out) of my prior message had notes on several of the Rat Pack... more
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